New Insurance Carrier

August 23rd, 2013

Effective June 1, 2013 the insurance carrier for the Municipal Employees Basic, Optional and Family Life Insurance changed from Great West Life Assurance Company to the Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada.

As a result several Insurnace forms we previously used, are no longer being valid.  Please review our updated Administration Manual on this website to see what forms are required for enrolling an employee to the program, making changes to their insurance coverage or designating of beneficiaries.  Below is a list of forms deleted or updated.

All changes are effective August 23, 2013.  Any enrollments received in the the MBEP office not using the new insurance form will be on hold until new form completed.  Any changes of coverage or beneficiaries will be returned and applicable new form requested.

Form Revised effective August 2013:

     Form #20 - Enrolment Form - Pension & Disability Income Plans

Forms replaced by new BLUE CROSS/MEBP Individual Application for Group Benefits form:

     Form #71 - Enrollment - Group Insurance Plan

     Form #71.P - Group Insurance During Probation Enrollment (select Employers use this form)

     Form #72 - Application for Optional Life Insurance

Forms replaed by new BLUE CROSS/MEBP CHANGE FORM:

     Form #71.2 - Applciaton to Reduce Basic Life Insurance

     Form #71.3 - Application to Reduce Optional Life Insurance

     Form #72 - Increase for Optional Life Insurance

     Form #74 - Cancellation of Family Life Insurance

     Form #75 - Change of Beneficiary - Group Insurnce Plan

     Form #76 - Change in Name by Marriage - Group Insurance Plan

Form replaced by new BLUE CROSS/MEBP Group Life Insurnace beneficiary Nomination Form:    

     Form#75.R - Change of Insurance beneficiary After Retirement


Please contact the MEBP office if you have any questions after reading instructions on our Administration Manual.

A notice has been mailed to applicable Employers regading the changes.  All employees and retired members will be mailed a new Beneficiary Nomination form as requested by our new insurance carrier.